Two Bulgarian investments are arriving in Serbia

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We will soon see two new investments from Bulgaria in Serbia, and that is a concrete result of the economic forum in Sofia organized by the Serbian Embassy, Ambassador Zeljko Jovic told Tanjug today.
He said that 30 companies from Bulgaria and seven from Serbia participated in the forum on Monday, and after the plenary part, direct meetings were held among the representatives of the companies where business ideas were discussed.
“Three or four agreements have resulted from that, which will be formalized soon, and we already have an announcement that two Bulgarian companies will invest in Serbia very soon, one of which will be in Simanovci,” said Ambassador Jovic.
He added that there are Serbian companies that already have a developed business in Bulgaria, and that they talked with Bulgarian partners during the forum about further strengthening their capacities and placement of goods in the neighboring country.
Ambassador Jovic stated that they discussed cooperation in the field of IT technologies, production and distribution of laboratory and medical equipment, machine industry, food and textile production sector and energy.
“I asked all participants to get concrete results of the talks very quickly, because it was the practice in previous years to have such forums, but that there would be no concrete events after that,” Jovic stated, reports Tanjug.
The Serbian side, the ambassador said, reminded of the recent meeting between Presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Rumen Radev in Dimitrovgrad, when it was agreed that Serbia would additionally invest in the infrastructural equipment of the Pirot industrial zone, and that Bulgaria would bring its investors there.
“We have equipped that industrial zone to a good extent, and President Vucic promised the Bulgarian side that he would additionally prepare it for investors. Radev announced that the Bulgarian official delegation with the Minister of Economy will come to Dimitrovgrad in order to consider the possibilities to open plants as soon as possible, which would help the Bulgarian national minority, but also everyone else who lives there,” Jovic said.
The Ambassador of Serbia in Sofia stated that a meeting of representatives of the Science and Technology Park from Nis and the Techno Park from Sofia was held during yesterday’s business forum, where the ground was prepared for signing several important talks on cooperation that will regulate investments between the two countries, Politika reports.