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Vojvodina Investment Promotion –

Vojvodina is an EU border region located in the northern part of the Republic of Serbia, bordering with Hungary, Romania and Croatia. Two major pan European transport routes (the river Danube and corridor 10) pass through it.
Vojvodina is the engine of Serbia’s economic development and a host region to some of the most renowned companies, such as Stada, Interbrew, Lafarge, Carlsberg, Erste Bank, Flender-Loher, Albon Engineering PLC, Japan Tobacco International and many others.
Vojvodina is proud to be recognized as the place to make a profit, as some of the investors mentioned above are already reinvesting to expand their production capacities.
The best way to develop your investment projects is to work with VIP and explore business opportunities in sectors of high development potential, such as agribusiness, electro-mechanical/automotive industry, ICT, logistics and export processing zones, real estate, tourism and shared business services.
Serbia is on the way to becoming an EU country candidate, and Vojvodina is a member of the DKMT Euro region – (Danube – Kris – Mures – Tisa). The DKMT Euro region covers southern Hungary, western Romania and Vojvodina (northern Serbia). Vojvodina is a gateway to the European Union for the countries of the Southeast Europe (SEE), facilitating faster integration of the SEE region into the European Union.
The rapid growth of the private sector is a trend in Vojvodina – the SME sector, especially ICT firms, is competitive and developing at a 30% annual growth rate. The regional government of Vojvodina is exerting major efforts to support SMEs through development of business incubators and other business support services.
Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, hosts the EXIT Festival, which is the largest music festival in South Eastern Europe. The Sunday Times reported in August, 2006, that the Exit Festival is “one of the coolest parties in Europe”
One of the most important assets of Vojvodina region is human resources. Well-educated young professionals who have high proficiency in English are looking forward to working for foreign companies and gaining valuable experience.
The region of Vojvodina provides a secure investment environment, guaranteed by legislation that is in line with EU practices and by the national and regional governments that are willing to assist foreign companies in the FDI establishment process.
Find out more about Serbia’s hot spot for profit before your competitors! Exceed your expectations!

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