We are hostages of the current situation due to the war in Ukraine

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Journalist Miša Brkić assessed that regardless of the imposition of sanctions on Russia or the possible conclusion of an agreement with Putin – we are “hostages” of the current situation due to the war in Ukraine.

“We are not asking ourselves anything, we are not deciding anything,” Brkić pointed out.

“It was a matter of days when the real war, that is, the invasion of Ukraine, will turn into what is happening today, in the use of gas as an argument or tool in the conflict. I believe that it was no surprise for European countries. “That conclusion is based on the statements of the Polish Prime Minister, which shows that all those countries were preparing for what happened, with the decision of ‘Gazprom’ to cut off supplies,” Brkić stated in the show “Behind the News” .

According to him, the threat of interruption of gas supplies by Russia has existed since the first day of the invasion of Ukraine.

“As a serious society and individuals, citizens and politicians, we had to think that this would happen and prepare for it. What we have been doing in the previous two months is that we made fun of the German minister, who warned his citizens that they will not be able to take a shower every morning and that it would be good to replace the car with a bicycle or a scooter. It is healthier, it saves energy “, reminds Brkić.

He adds that we made fun of it, only to estimate now that “that bear, if never elsewhere, will play in our yard before winter.”

He estimates that after the latest decisions of Russia, Bulgaria, as a member of the European Union, could close the transport of gas through its territory. He also warns that if the EU sanctions are tightened, there is a possibility of canceling the transport of oil from Croatia, so there would be a problem with both gas and oil.

“Concerns and options on how to supply energy have not been considered from the moment you have the ban,” the H1 guest pointed out.

From today’s speech of the Minister, she sees that she, as the line manager, other ministers, not even the Prime Minister, “have no idea what we will do if Bulgaria cuts off our gas supply.”

He states that there are many doubts about the future supply of energy, as well as that he hopes that someone from the government will think about it.

“The question of whether we will freeze has already begun in Europe. I will remind you that the French voted for freezing in the elections a few days ago. therefore, it is not a joke “, said Brkić, Danas reports.