We do not refine only Russian oil

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The government’s decision to limit the price of fuel has led to gasoline from Serbia being among the cheapest in the region, and Eurodiesel, which has long been at the top of the list in terms of cost, is now far from it.

As soon as the Government of Serbia passed a decree on limiting the price of fuel at gas stations, which change every seven days, and reduced excise taxes by about 20 percent, new dissatisfaction of some sellers at gas stations, as well as farmers, began. Some do not like the fact that the wholesale price is higher than the retail price, and others (farmers) that they can pour only 60 liters into buckets outside the tank, which is not enough for them because 40-50 liters of fuel are needed to cultivate one hectare of land. At the same time, the new regulation does not state how many times during the day the farmer is allowed to return to the pump with the same 60-liter bucket and transfer it to a larger court.

What is good is that as of Friday, fuel at gas stations in Serbia is a little cheaper, Eurodiesel by 0.42, so a liter is refueled by 187.23, and premium BMB by 176.05, which is 0.24 dinars lower. The decree on limiting fuel prices on the market, which is otherwise liberalized, is a consequence of drastic jumps in the prices of oil and derivatives, which were able to increase by 10 percent during the day. In order to annul so many price increases at domestic gas stations, the government has decided to adjust prices on a weekly basis. However, it turned out that this is not the best solution either, and that you should not wait seven days for price list changes, which is why some pumps are operating at a loss. According to Tomislav Micovic, secretary of the Association of Oil Companies of Serbia, you can never force him to buy for two dinars and sell for a dinar. Seven days is a long period of waiting for a price change.

This decision of the government has contributed to the fact that Serbia is no longer at the very top of the countries in terms of derivative prices. On the contrary, we are now among the cheapest in terms of the price of gasoline, and when it comes to Eurodiesel, there are many countries that pour more expensive than us. At this time, the legal interpretation of whether the new sanctions of the European Union against Russia will apply to the “Oil Industry of Serbia” is much more important, since they are in the majority ownership of “Gazprom Neft”. However, even if NIS cannot import oil from Russia, it is known that this Serbian-Russian company did not import and process exclusively Russian oil, but took over another one on the stock exchange, which can be processed at the refinery in Pancevo.

After all, the import of oil can be done by ships, tanks and oil pipelines, but also ready-made derivatives can be bought from other refineries in the area whose oil companies operate in Serbia. In addition, the government made a decision two weeks ago to abolish the tax on oil imports from third countries.

Imports can continue through Montenegro and the Port of Bar, so that they can be transported by boat or train to Pancevo, of course, if this country, which imposed sanctions on Russia, allows it. It should not be forgotten that NIS has its oil fields in Romania, from which certain quantities could also be extracted.

Until the interpretation from NIS arrives, they say that their business is currently running smoothly. The oil refinery in Pancevo is working normally and the market is properly supplied with all types of derivatives, it was confirmed for Tanjug from this company, Politika reports.