We have enough derivatives in reserves, supply is not endangered

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said that sufficient quantities of oil, oil derivatives and gas were provided for the domestic market, that supply was not endangered and that there were no restrictions on the purchase of oil derivatives.

“There are enough of all derivatives and there are no restrictions on purchases. In reserves we have diesel and gasoline in 60 days, fuel oil in 122 days, and in the underground gas storage in Banatski Dvor 100 million cubic meters of gas, which, if we calculate the average consumption estimated for today at about 10 million cubic meters, is enough for the next 10 days. “In Serbia, there are no problems with the supply and delivery of oil and oil derivatives, nor will there be restrictions on purchases,” said Mihajlović.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the state provided sufficient quantities of energy in reserves on time and that there were no interruptions in the supply, despite the war in Ukraine and the daily rise in market prices.

“Both the state and the oil companies have provided enough reserves and there is no need for anyone to worry about shortages of derivatives. “The state has ensured stability through a responsible financial policy, and we have taken all measures in time to prevent energy and energy shortages, despite the crisis in world markets and the daily rise in energy and energy prices on the stock exchange,” she said, Danas writes.