What is the economic strategy of Serbia until 2023?

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What the state will do in the field of economic reforms until 2023 is now officially put on a paper that the state recently handed over to the EU, Blic writes.
The three-year program, including the current one, envisions 24 major reforms in eight areas, focusing on economic growth, employment, a better standard of living for citizens, but also strengthening the national economy and its competitiveness.
In translation, the program of economic reforms from 2021 to 2023 overlooks the growth of salaries and pensions, more jobs, attracting foreign companies, but also improving the working conditions of companies and entrepreneurs who already work in Serbia. The list of reforms also includes a resolute fight against the gray economy, which has significantly damaged the country’s GDP over the years, but also investments in technology, health, energy, and economic integration.
Among the goals, the document very clearly states the slowdown in the departure of workers from Serbia, which in previous years was particularly pronounced in the health sector, but at one point was very common among young people. In this regard, among the general goals are the strengthening of ties with the diaspora, but also the attraction of foreigners of different educational profiles. This is, by the way, the goal set in the adopted Strategy on Economic Migration until 2027.
One of the goals is to improve the business environment, and the document focuses on better quality of public administration, and primarily thinks that shortening procedures and eliminating the necessary steps, and waiting at the counters and looking for “another paper”.
One of the planned structural reforms concerns land consolidation. Consolidation would practically lead to better conditions for the development of agriculture, which is strategically important for Serbia, because it makes up a good part of the country’s economic growth.
A special emphasis in the document is placed on the work on strengthening the competitiveness of Serbian companies, and the goal is to prepare for EU membership and their easier inclusion in the market competition, states Blic, Bonitet reports.