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“Whatever occupation you name, we don’t have it..”

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said this in Zrenjanin after signing an agreement on Chinese tire factory construction.

Answering to press questions, he said we are in need of butchers, drivers…

“You laughed at me six months ago when I spoke about it and now you all talk about it. I told you that it will be a problem for us, that we’ll have to import labour in a year or two from the neighbouring countries” , Vucic said

According to him, the situation has both a good and a bad side.

“The good side is that we might be able to improve our demographic picture here, while the bad side….there is a risk one part of the Serbian population could move to Serbia and then you have to support Republika Srpska more significantly, to preserve our homes there”, Vucic said.

Source; B92