Why are square meters in Belgrade on the water among the most expensive in the region?

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In cooperation with Vjesti iz Montenegro, Večernji list from Croatia, Oslobođenje from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the newspaper Danas conducted research on the price movements of square meters in attractive locations in this region. It turned out that the price of an apartment in Belgrade on the water is by far the highest.

In the entire region, there was an increase in the price of square meters of apartments and houses, as well as an increase in rent as well as the issuance of “apartments for the day”.

On average, the price increase compared to last year is about 30 percent higher.

We cannot say with certainty whether migrants from Russia and Ukraine influenced the rise in the prices of residential buildings that are being sold, because they will not be able to buy real estate easily, but they certainly influenced the rise in rents.

Kaća Lazarevic from Belgrade, a real estate agent, told our paper that you can find an apartment in Resavska street whose price per square meter is around 6,000 euros, which does not make Belgrade on the water the most expensive location.

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– We can say that it is a complex of buildings where you can find the most expensive apartments, said agent Lazarevic.

Aleksandra Kon, also a real estate agent from Belgrade, said that what we don’t have to pay for is expensive, and that for some citizens it’s not a lot of money.

– As long as you have those who will pay 250,000 euros for 50m2 to live in an attractive location and for the environment to respect them, it will become so, said the interlocutor, concluding that the ratio of supply and demand is the only thing that dictates the price.

Economist Saša Đogović drew attention to artificially raising prices in this location.

– It is price inflation, an imperfect market, whose money, most likely, comes from the gray area, said Đogović, while Milan Kovačević, also an economist by profession and foreign investment advisor, told Danas that the location is attractive, but that the sellers should lower the price per square meter.

– The location is the most attractive. It is along the river in the city center. But it would be logical to lower the price considering that the land for construction in Belgrade on the water was obtained for free, Kovačević concluded, Danas writes.