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Why Serbia as a state should support tourism?

“We are not working now, almost 250 hotels in Serbia are closed. If the state gives 60 percent of the net minimum, that is a payment of 150 euros dinars. We have to pay another 100 euros to the amount of net salary and another 150 euros taxes and contributions. Practically, we need to pay another 250 euros dinars per employee,” explains Igor Milanovic, who is also the owner of Villa Panorama in Belgrade.
“In two months, that is about 5,000 euros minus for us who are now in stand-by mode. That is why we proposed that the state either move the taxes and contributions for the next year, or if they can give sector aid – that it be the gross salary,” states Milanovic.
The initiative “Let’s save tourism” proposed, through a petition that has so far been supported by almost 4,000 signatories, a total of five measures.
“The first is the payment of gross minimum wages in the next six months, that is, by the end of this year. We calculated that this way we could be obsessed – and wait for the new season not to lay off workers. The second measure is the write-off of liabilities based on taxes and contributions for the first three months of general economic assistance. The third – a moratorium on obligations to financial institutions in the next nine months,” states Igor Milanovic.
The fourth measure would be additional funds only for loans for the tourism and transport sector in the Development Fund of Serbia, with an accelerated approval procedure, and urgent payment of submitted and future requests.
The fifth request is the postponement of the obligations to pay the company’s property tax and the company’s profit tax for the duration of the extraordinary circumstances.
“With this petition, we propose joint urgent measures of support and assistance, in order to preserve business and jobs in these sectors, which were sent by official associations: Srbijatransport, HORES, Association of Tourist Guides of Serbia, Associations of Travel Agencies: ATAS, ANTAS, UTAS, URA and National Association travel agencies of Serbia – YUTA,” states Igor Milanovic.
When asked what their further plans are, the interlocutor of points out that the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadez, has publicly announced that the next aid will be – sectoral aid for tourism.
“Now we are waiting for the government to be formed and for them to implement what they promised.
Until then, our initiative is collecting signatures,” pointed out Igor Milanovic, Nova reports.