Will the suspension of gas supplies to Ukraine affect Serbia?

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“Gazprom” announces that on November 28, it will turn off the taps through Ukraine, if that country does not release all the volumes intended for Moldova. The flow of Russian gas to Central and Western Europe is decreasing: the “Nord Stream 1 and 2” gas pipelines are out of order. The supply may be further threatened by the announcement by Brussels that it will limit the price of gas. Will all this affect Serbia as well?

Where does gas from Russia go, and where might it no longer go? Nord Stream 1 and 2 are out of order, and now Gazprom is threatening to close the flow through Ukraine. It’s a problem, says Jelica Putniković from Energija balkana, Moldova.

“It is about the fact that they ordered larger quantities than crossed the Ukrainian-Moldovan border. It is probably about the fact that Moldova was reselling gas to Ukraine that it bought from Gazprom, and now Gazprom has threatened not to allow such a transaction”, says Putniković.

Although the supply to Europe is already threatened, it can also be stopped. Brussels has announced the possibility of limiting the price of gas, or purchasing it from another source.

“What they announced from the Kremlin, if the European Union decides to limit the highest selling price of gas or oil, they will not deliver oil or gas to those countries, which they will consider hostile”, says Putniković.

While such messages are being exchanged, gas regularly reaches Serbia via the “Balkan flow”. At least that’s what the Minister of Energy said.

“What is important is that we are supplied with a sufficient amount of gas for the coming winter, that we have secured additional amounts of gas from Russia, from Bulgaria”, said Dubravka Đedović on November 23.

For now, we are sure, says energy expert Miloš Zdravković, but the problem can only be the price, which is now significantly more favorable for Serbia compared to other countries.

“The minister is new and she cannot be held responsible for the mistakes of the previous leadership.” If she said that to appease the public, then that’s fine too. You know what, we have the favorable circumstance of being on the direct line of Turk Stream, of buying gas directly from Gazprom. And if that supply line works, and I expect it will, we will have gas”, says Zdravković.

Serbia concluded a new gas supply contract with Russia, according to the same formula as before. This means that the price depends on the price of oil derivatives on the stock exchange, N1 writes.

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