With the power of the wind to the faster growth of green Serbia

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Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said today on the occasion of World Wind Day that it is necessary to use the great potential that Serbia has in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) for improving the environment, economic growth and achieving the vision of a green Serbia.
“Our goal, which we can only achieve together, is that by 2050 most of the energy produced comes from renewable sources. But we should know that RES is not just a percentage, but that green energy is important because of our energy security and the quality of our environment,” she said in a statement.
She pointed out that the process of energy transition began in November last year, when at the Summit in Sofia, within the Berlin Process, Serbia became a signatory to the Declaration on the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans.
“The green agenda is a growth agenda that will provide faster economic growth and new jobs and enable us as a country to move towards climate neutrality,” said Mihajlovic.
She reminded that in the previous period, wind power plants with a total power of approximately 400 megawatts were built, and that two more wind farms with a total power of about 170 megawatts are under construction.
“By passing the first special Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources, we have laid the foundation for using the potentials we have in all types of RES much faster. We have created conditions for all investors to count on fast and efficient procedures, and for costs for citizens and economy to be sustainable. With the favorable natural conditions we have, I believe that we can be one of the leaders in this part of Europe when it comes to green energy,” said Mihajlovic, Novi Magazin reports.