Young people expect fast employment and a salary above average

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As many as 38 percent of young people expect to find a job in the period from one to three months after finishing school, and two thirds of respondents, according to research by the youth employment site, say it is not acceptable for them to work for a salary – below the national average.

According to the data of this research, conducted during the Regional Job Fair, the largest percentage of young people – 38 percent – expect to find a job in the period from one to three months after finishing school. Also, 19 percent of them think that they will have to wait three to six months for a job, while more than 15 percent of young people are not so optimistic and expect that it will take them more than a year to find a job.

“It is also interesting to note that 38 percent of young people know exactly what they want to do after finishing school, while 57 percent have an idea but are not completely sure,” the site states.

The average is the minimum

The question of an acceptable salary for young people, according to the results of this research, depends on the difficulty and type of work.

As many as two thirds of young people say that it is not acceptable for them to receive a salary below the national average. On the other hand, those who are engaged in more profitable occupations are aware of the current situation – especially in the IT sector, 600 and 700 euros. In the end, we come to a third of those who think that the first job is just a stepping stone to a career, and for that reason they state that the salary in the first job is not important and expect higher experience with experience, “reads the statement, research.

Temporary jobs

As preparation for the labor market, by acquiring additional knowledge and skills, young people spontaneously and primarily list jobs that they intend to work temporarily or are already doing. These jobs, it is said, can be more or less professional.

“Research shows that young practices are the best way to gain experience, as as many as 66 percent of them cite it as a desirable option. Young people have a positive attitude and are often involved in seasonal and part-time jobs. and as the first steps in entering the business world, as many as 55 percent of them point out part-time work as a good option for gaining work experience “, states

15% of young people also mention volunteering as gaining experience.

According to the data on this site, the ranking list of positions that young people most often apply for has been without significant changes for some time. Thus, they still most often apply for jobs: salesman, administrative worker, commercialist, telephone operator, business secretary.

“Areas such as marketing, economics, sales and HR are also in high demand on the market, while the IT field is increasingly in demand among young people due to the conditions it offers,” the site states, N1 reports.