Zidjin is greening degraded mining areas in Bor

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The company Ziđin is working hard on the greening of degraded mining areas in Bor, and the rehabilitation of the slopes of dam 1 of the flotation tailings “Veliki Krivelj” is in progress.

The intention is to prevent the lifting of sand from the “crown” of the dam, 1,300 meters long, and the distribution of materials towards the village of Ostrelj.

Experts claim that it is enough to apply the soil in a layer of at least 15 centimeters, and that the most important thing is to repair the corners of the slopes first, since the dust first rises from there.

As part of the first phase of reclamation, the filling of healthy soil over the sand began.

“When the irrigation of the land is completed in that part of the dam, it is time to recultivate its lower part, from elevation 393 to the old road, and then the part of the dam that was exceeded from 2009 until today,” said the head of the tailings “Veliki Krivelj”. Edward Ernek.

In the later phase, as he explained, the dam will be recultivated from the water canal and the road that is being built now, to the very dry surface of the “beach” of the tailings.

“The ground will then be filled in on the Ostreljska dam, along its peripheral ramparts, and then on dam 2. Sprayers for dust collection will also be installed,” Ernek said.

The plan is to then sow the slopes of dams 1 and 2, as well as a part of the dry surface of the tailings beach No. 1 with grass, so that the area of ​​green space will exceed 20 hectares.

Recultivation of degraded areas, ie application of a fertile layer of soil and greening of the outer slopes of the tailings pond closest to the village of Ostrelj is an effective solution to the problem of dust in the area of ​​Krivelj tailings.

Last year, the six-hectare dam there was covered with earth and sown with grass, and three thousand seedlings were planted.

So far, landscaping has been completed on 73 hectares and more than 170 thousand seedlings have been planted.

After stabilizing and recultivating part by part of the degraded mining area, the company Ziđin will renew vegetation in the vicinity of all factory plants and on the already stabilized dams of flotation tailings, Danas reports.