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Zijin exported for 359 million euros - Serbia Business

Zijin exported for 359 million euros

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Two Zijin companies are the leaders of Serbia’s export results in the first two months of this year with a total value of 359.1 million euros. “Zijin mining” from Bor exported 208.7 million euros, and the local “Ziđin copper” for 150.9 million.

The list of the 15 largest exporters published by the Ministry of Finance includes “Tigar Tires” from Pirot with 88 million, “SCM Pove” from Belgrade with 87.8 million and “HBIS Grupa” from Smederevo with a two-month export value of 85.3 million euros.

They are followed by “ZF Srbija” from Pancevo – 80.9, “Leoni” from Prokupa – 76.3, “Henkel” from Kruševac – 72.1 million, “Boš” from Belgrade – 66.4 million, and “Jura” from Rača – 62.1 and “Hemofarm” from Vrsa with 55.5 million euros of exports. Among the top 15 exporters are “Philip Morris Operations” from Niš (49.6 million), “Mint” from Lozna (44.8 million), “Gorenje” from Valjevo (44 million) and “NIS” from Novi Sad (43.2 million euros).

The first 15 exporters, in total, exported goods for 1.2 billion euros in the first two months, reports Tanjug.

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