Energy Sector Serbia

Variety of unexplored energy potentials: hydro, solar, geothermal, wind and biomass

  • Construction of small hydro plants possible on more than 800 locations
  • Big potentials for further technological improvement with low operating cost
  • Capital investment projects offering business cooperation perspectives
  • Large number of companies in energy and related sectors e.g. metal industry, offering subcontracting cooperation

One of the most important sectors of Serbian industry is the energy sector. As one of the most perspective and important sectors of economic development in Serbia, energy sector demonstrates even bigger trend of development and investment in its existing capacities but also in new facilities and technologies.

Serbia as Balkans energy center and as one of the most important energy centers in SEE, attracts the interest of foreign companies who are thinking to expand its business to this region or to relocate its production just next to the EU borders.

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