Our list of services includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Advice on best strategies for entering the market, or expanding your existing business
  • Pre-selection of potential local business partners through background research and interviews
  • Competitive information: companies present in the market, business strategy, organisation, offering, prices etc.
  • Company set-up and support with initial organization and staff control
  • Organization of business meetings
  • Business meeting attendance, provision of professional support and advice
  • Country and sector briefings
  • Sector/market intelligence, tailored reports (specific industry sector overview, relevant private/public sector contacts, list of potential business partners, export opportunities etc.)

There are no pre-defined products on offer – all services are tailored to your specific needs and are aimed at you achieving your strategic goals. Our co-operation starts with full understanding of your expectations, timeliness and company standards.

All inquiries are unique and will be treated as such. The following description of our services is therefore intended to give you some basic information about the expected results and how could those benefit you and your company:

  • Identifying Buyers, Distributors, Business partners
  • Contacting Relevant Serbian Companies
  • Sourcing
  • Sector Reports
  • Business Trips to Serbia
  • Investment Support
  • Staff Selection and Recruitment
  • Follow-up Services
  • Business Advisory, Review and Control
  • Promotional Events and Exhibitions
  • Other Services

Identifying Buyers, Distributors, Business partners

We assists foreign suppliers and service providers in identifying potential buyers/distributors/business partners in Serbia and getting in touch with them. Depending on your goals, you can opt for one of the two service levels:

1. Standardized low cost service yields a qualified list of relevant clients/distributors/business partners with key contacts and basic information about the companies. Each company is called, the relevant contact person identified, the company’s interest in cooperation with a particular foreign company is evaluated, and it is prepared to expect direct communication from our client. Such projects are usually completed within two to three weeks. This service is not meant to supply an exhaustive list of all potential business partners, but rather to maximize the probability of starting real business discussions with interested Serbian companies.

2. If you wish to conserve resources and improve your chances of finding the right partner, we can help you by pre-selecting companies through face-to-face interviews, company visits and background checking. The result will be a smaller number of carefully selected companies that satisfy your specific list of requirements. The process is handled by professionals with a track-record of successful dealings with Serbian distributors and overseas suppliers.

Contacting Relevant Serbian Companies

When you receive your qualified list of relevant Serbian companies, you can either contact them directly or we can arrange preliminary business discussions with them on your behalf (this might be much more efficient because communication with Serbian companies is a perpetual problem: not all Serbian businessmen speak English or use e-mail).

This service is charged on an hourly basis, per man/hour – i.e. our time taken on preparing relevant letters in Serbian, distributing the letters and samples among relevant local companies, making follow-up calls, meeting local businessmen and updating our client about the results of initial business discussions.


Often companies are looking for Serbian suppliers of manufactured goods, commodities or services. If you are only making initial enquiries or simply need an introduction in the local language, we offer a low cost “sourcing service” to develop a list of pre-qualified initial contacts. The standard service yields a qualified list of (usually) 3-10 relevant suppliers (although sometimes, there may only be one or two appropriate). Each supplier is called (we cover the long-distance charges), the relevant contact person identified, the supplier’s ability to actually supply is evaluated and the supplier is advised to expect direct communication from our client. Such projects are usually completed within a two-week period.

Sector Reports

Based on your requirements we are able to undertake market research and prepare a report that offers specific information about the industry sector you are interested in. Such a report can cover things like sector overview and statistics, competitive presence, key business and governmental contacts, development plans, market entrance proposals, distribution chain information, pipeline projects, and more.

Business Trips to Serbia

If you decide to visit Serbia in order to meet potential business partners, we can put together an itinerary and do all necessary preparations, co-ordinate business meetings, provide translation, etc.

If you wish to benefit from continuous access to friendly local business advice, you may request that one of our English speaking consultants joins you on important business meetings throughout Serbia.

Staff Selection and Recruitment

Your staff can prove to be your most valuable asset and may also constitute your largest overhead cost. Let us help you select the right people to meet your business needs. Through local contacts and selection process we can attract a pool of qualified applicants so that you can make the best choice of candidate.

Follow-up Services

Once you start doing business in Serbia, we can follow up and update you on regular basis about what is going on, check on your local partners and teams, look for new opportunities… As a rule, this kind of ‘hands on’ co-ordination is required during an initial period of 6-12 months. We charge a monthly retainer fee for this work.

Business Advisory, Review and Control

For companies already doing business with Serbia we offer a professional, independent and friendly advice on how to improve existing sales, distribution channels or functioning of local teams.

Promotional Events and Exhibitions

We can help you promote your products and services in Serbia by arranging promotional seminars in Belgrade and other Serbian cities. We help you translate marketing materials into Serbian and distribute invitations to key local companies, organisations and officials.

Other Services

We are not specialists in all business development related matters. That is why we can offer you services of our carefully selected associate partners covering the following aspects of your business:

  • Public relations
  • Certain legal issues
  • Specialized HR matters
  • Advertising
  • Localized websites and promotional material

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