IT Sector

  • 70% of labor force with a university-level degree
  • Microsoft 4th development center in the world opened in Serbia
  • More than 2,700 innovative ICT companies
  • Expertise in custom high-end IT development services
  • Extensive subcontracting, including web design, hardware, and software solutions

Smart Solutions Serbia is becoming one of Europe’s most attractive IT hot spots with a growth rate of 18.9% in 2008. Over the past few years, the development and promotion of ICT services, such as mobile telecommunications, Internet technologies and data transfers, has increased significantly. The number of economic entities using and dealing with ICT in Serbia is also growing and currently there are 2,700 ICT companies. These companies offer a diversified range of services including telecommunications providers, software engineering businesses and world-class systems integration firms. Serbia’s ICT sector is partnered with leading technological companies across the world in order to provide first class solutions to both domestic and international clients.

Hot Spot As the world market for ICT continues to evolve and outsourced software engineering, offshore systems design and integration continue to grow, Serbia is well placed both geographically and structurally to provide a cost effective and reliable alternative to other, already established markets. An outstanding pool of intellectual capital, attractive labor costs, excellent worker skills, a good communications network, and a high fluency in English are just some of the key competitive advantages that attracted international companies to expand their businesses in Serbia.

Expert Skills Engineering education in Serbia is particularly strong, with app. 33% of university graduates coming from technical schools. The industry employs highly skilled workforce, out of which 70% completed a university level of education. Serbian engineers are competent in a broad range of technologies that support an effective development of first-class software and systems integration. These professionals have extensive expertise in developing front-end, back-end and middle-ware components, but are also very proficient in understanding client requirements and creating tailored software and systems solutions.

Competitive Wages Serbia’s IT experts are available at very competitive prices. Net salary costs vary from €500 to €1,500 per month for qualified and experienced personnel. The overall salary cost of a programmer/systems expert is in the range of €850-2,500 per month.

ICT World Leaders in Serbia There are many leading global ICT firms that have already made a decision to set up their businesses in Serbia, namely Cisco Systems, Ericsson, IBM, INTEL, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, Redhat, Siemens, and T-Mobile.