Real Estate Market

Serbia is a growing real estate market and as such represents another perspective business sector with estimated about 25,000 real estate transactions are being carried out in Serbia on annual basis, as well as that real estate is still expensive due to the limited offer. Expectations are that the prices will fall with more massive construction.

There are many foreign companies already present in Serbian real estate market and they all operate with great success. Demand for high quality office space remains strong and mainly in Belgrade. Majority of foreign companies established their presence in New Belgrade existing business centers e.g Airport city Belgrade, Grawe BC and 19Avenue. Beside office premises which are under great demand, still companies specialized in industrial and production real estate area is maybe the next interesting and perspective area for companies coming from outside. With all new investors ( production &services) there is a lack of information first of all, on availability of appropriate and cost effective properties(production-halls. Belgrade as the business center of Serbia, is not the only center of their interest, surrounding towns are gaining not only the interests but as well as the liability for many investors. Great potentials in construction of office space, production/distribution hall on the periphery of Belgrade, residential premises, commercial centers are big all around the Belgrade.

Anticipated growth of demand follows the expansion of the offer with both new coming A and B class office space, still the market for its wide perspective and demand remains unexplored represents a real cost effective opportunity.