Virtual Office Serbia

Serbia Business complete virtual office services in Serbia including a registered office in Belgrade area Serbia ( 30km from airport), as well as mail forwarding and secretarial services. Our company offers the following services:

  • Business address required for setting up a Serbian Company
  • Mail collection and forwarding. Packages are sent per the client’s instructions to any location around the world;
  • A dedicated fax number in Serbia. Faxes will be forwarded per the instructions from the client;
  • Local phone number in Serbia. This will enable you provide a local number to your contacts. Additionally we will also to provide secretarial services (live answering).
  • Call redirecting from a Serbian number to any number according to your specifications.

Branch office

Branch office is separated part of a founder company, but it is not separate legal entity. It has a function to develop founder company business in foreign countries. There is no tax request.
Founder company is responsible for all branch obligations. Branch office has it’s local manager, but founder company director is in the same time director of the branch office.
This is the most convenient way to start and develop your business at the market of the Republic of Serbia.

List of Services

  • Business address Belgrade wider area, 30km from airport
  • Registered office – seat
  • Mail receiving and forwarding
  • Separate telephone line
  • Telephone service with professional phone answering
  • Confidentiality in fax service
  • Notification by e-mail or SMS
  • Administrative and technical support
  • E-mail address for your company
  • Full access to our equipped meeting office with lower costs
  • Telephone service

We can provide you with a separate telephone line and professional phone answering in the name of your business (with your instructions).
Meeting office

If you are a client of the Business center of Serbia, you may have a full access to equipped meeting office with lower costs. This service could be added to your package or used on hourly base.
Most services mentioned above can either be purchased as a package or separately according to the client’s requirements. If there are any additional requirements related to virtual office services in Serbia please do not hesitate to contact us.