100 million euros are needed for social entrepreneurship in Serbia

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At least 100 million euros are needed to start social entrepreneurship, as the third sector of business in Serbia, in addition to the real and public one, said the Minister for the Care of the Village, Milan Krkobabic.
“It is a precondition for social cooperatives to come to life,” he said.
He added that he expects this convocation of the Assembly of Serbia to show “an enviable degree of social responsibility and envisage those funds in the budget for next year.”
“People with disabilities, women and men of a certain age, refugees and displaced persons, and all those who would like to work and live on their income, expect that from them. Employment and earnings – yes, alms – no,” said Krkobabic.
He explained that social entrepreneurship is a corrective factor in the imperfection of the market economy and should therefore represent, in addition to the public and real, the third sector of the economy.
This type of entrepreneurship, as he said, has different organizational forms and legal forms: entrepreneurial activity, limited liability company, joint stock company, cooperative, and would employ all those who are currently uncompetitive on the labor market – people with disabilities, refugees and displaced persons, minority groups, people of a certain age and those declared economically and technologically redundant.
“Employment for them is not only a source of existence, but also a way to return beyond the necessary dignity,” Krkobabic believes, Danas reports.