730 million euros are being invested in the expansion of the airport in Belgrade

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French company Vinci Airports has announced a 730 million euro expansion plan for Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport.
According to Construction Europe magazine on its website, the plan for the next 25 years envisages an increased capacity of the airport from the current six million passengers a year to 15 million, by 2043.
The general director of the “Nikola Tesla” Airport, Francois Berisot, said that he expected that most of the work would be carried out in the next three years.
“These include the expansion of the terminal, the installation of runways and the construction of additional roads for taxi drivers, additional positions for parking planes and a new ice defrosting pad, additional parking spaces for cars, as well as new access roads,” Berisot said.
Some works, which are part of a joint venture between Vinci Airports and Vinci Terna Construction, are already underway, including work on the extension of Terminal 2, preparatory work on the new runway and work on the bus gates at Terminal 1.
Vinci states that the next phase of the project will include a number of characteristics, the goal of which is to reduce the impact of airport operations on the environment.
A new power plant will be installed, which will reduce the need for heavy fuels and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as solid waste and wastewater treatment plants, Novosti reports.

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