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About 300 kilometers of railways are being reconstructed in Serbia

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The infrastructure of the Serbian Railways announced that in 2022, it began work on the reconstruction and modernization of about 300 kilometers of railway.
According to the statement, the construction of the Belgrade-Novi Sad high-speed railway (75 km) is in the final phase, works on the construction of the section from Novi Sad to Subotica (108 km) have recently begun, and works on the section are nearing completion. International Railway Corridor 10 between Jajinci and Mala Krsna (68.8 km).
In addition, as stated, in September last year, work began on the line Nis – Brestovac (22.8 km) as part of the international railway Corridor 10 between Nis and Presevo, and in October on the construction of a line of great international importance Subotica – Horgos (26.6 km).
When we add to that the regional railways with a total length of about 150 kilometers, whose reconstruction was completed in 2021, it means that a total of about 450 kilometers of railways in Serbia were worked on during the year.
These are the regional railways Nis – Zajecar (108 km), Kumane – Banatsko Milosevo (28.5 km) and Novi Sad – Bogojevo (9.5 km of station tracks).
All works on the construction of a high-speed railway up to 200 kilometers per hour between Belgrade and Novi Sad are in the final phase.
Static tests on track geometry and catenary, as well as static tests of signaling and security and telecommunication systems are underway.
After that, the specialized company DBST will perform dynamic testing of the high-speed railway during January and February, on the section Belgrade Center – Stara Pazova.
This means that the commercial exploitation of the high-speed railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad will be technically enabled in March 2022, ie a little more than four and a half years since the construction of the high-speed railway began at the beginning of works on the Chortanovci tunnel.
Within the section of the high-speed railway up to 200 km / h Novi Sad – Subotica – Kelebija, the construction of a new underpass in Kisacka Street in Novi Sad is underway, as well as the reconstruction of the Novi Sad railway station, and the completion of these two projects – Novi Sad.
The planned completion of works on the section Novi Sad – Kelebija is November 2024.
Works on the modernization of the railway Jajinci – Mala Krsna, on the international railway Corridor 10 through Serbia are in the final phase.
As part of the construction of the Subotica – Horgos railway, 3.6 km of the lower line of the railway from Horgos to Backi Vinogradi was built in the previous three months, and preparatory activities are underway for laying 4.5 km of the upper line from Subotica in the direction of Horgos.
Although the deadline for the completion of works is November 2022, the contractors are announcing the construction of this railway before the agreed deadline, eKapija reports.

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