Aliexpress canceled free delivery for customers from Serbia

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The Alibaba platform recently abolished the option of free delivery for customers from Serbia. So if you now want to order cheaper goods for which postage of a few dollars was previously paid, it now amounts to tens of dollars.
Some users attributed this price increase to the Post of Serbia, which was denied for the BIZLife portal by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic.
During this year, there was no change in the price list of international postal traffic by the PE “Post of Serbia”, she stated on the occasion of placing various information in the public regarding the increase in postage packages of one of the largest online stores in the world, “Aliexpress”.
She pointed out that “Post of Serbia” did not increase the prices of delivery of packages to citizens within the provision of universal postal service, as well as the prices of submitting postal items for customs inspection, nor did they introduce any new additional costs.
It is certain that the reasons for changes in the trade practice of “Aliexpress” should not be sought at the state level, nor in the mutual relations between Serbia and China, which are traditionally good and especially important for both countries, but the current changes are due to difficult modes of transport all over the world due to the global pandemic,” Matic explained.
She pointed out that due to the interruption and slowing down of transport, as well as the unexpectedly large number of shipments within e-commerce, the logistics warehouses of postal operators around the world were overloaded.
“We expect that after the pandemic calms down and ends globally, our citizens will once again be able to order and buy a large number of products with free delivery or with postage amounts as they were before the pandemic,” the secretary of state concluded, BiZlife reports.

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