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Along the section of the highway Batajnica – Dobanovci, an economic park with two zones is planned

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The detailed regulation plan for the economic park along the section of highway E-75, Batajnica – Dobanovci in Zemun is available for public inspection. The advantage for the urbanization of the location of the subject plan is the proximity of the highway Belgrade – Novi Sad, as well as the favorable configuration and complete undeveloped terrain, it was stated. The approximate area covered by the Plan is about 29.32 ha.

Two economic zones are planned here, with an area of ​​about 12.72 ha and 13.15 ha, and roads. Taking into account the area planned for economic and commercial zones (25.87 ha), and the urban parameters defined by the valid PGR, the maximum capacity of the zone is 388,050 m2 BRGP, buildings in the basic purpose of the economic and commercial zone and compatible uses.

When it comes to traffic roads, as a continuation of the New Novi Sad road after the intersection with the E-75 highway – state road IA line A1, a main road is planned from the southern side of the Batajnica settlement, which brings traffic into the city area from the northwestern side. This main road takes over the role of the Old Batajnica Road, on the section in the area of ​​the Batajnica settlement.

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The second-order streets in the area of ​​this unit are the roads that bring traffic to the settlements of Zemun polje, Altina and Plavi horizonti. One of the most important is certainly Južna trabačnica (Southern Boulevard in the area of ​​the Altina 1 settlement), a second-order street that extends from the T-6 road, serves the Zemun Technical Passenger Station and connects to the second-order street that brings traffic into the Altina 2 settlement and Blue horizons.

In the area covered by this unit, the bus subsystem of public passenger transport and the city-suburban railway are in operation. In the function of public transport of passengers in this unit, the “Gornji Zemun” depot is also planned, which is also planned by the current detailed regulation plan.

Parking of the vehicles of the users of the area in question is done in open public parking areas, mostly along the traffic roads of the secondary street network, within the belonging plots as well as in dedicated garages within the buildings.

Part of the area within the boundaries of this unit also includes the complex of the Batajnica military airport, for which the possibility of engagement for the needs of civil traffic will be re-examined in some subsequent stages of development.

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