Arthur D. Little is opening an office in Serbia and expands its business in the Balkans

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Arthur D. Little (ADL) has opened a new office in Belgrade. The office will be managed by Bela Virag, a partner and manager in ADL Austria, together with the executive director Milena Matić, who will be responsible for the development of the local market. The Belgrade office is the 43rd in a row and opened in accordance with the planned expansion of the company’s global network – in the last five years, 20 new offices have been opened worldwide.
ADL is committed to working closely with clients, and has accordingly opened an office in Belgrade to provide local support to Serbian companies it currently works with, as well as to work with new clients and improve its business in the Western Balkans. The company is also very interested in offering local talents the opportunity for professional development in the field of strategic consulting.
On Serbia’s path to EU membership in the next few years, ADL has the opportunity to help both the public and private sectors adopt new and innovative ways of working in preparation for full access to the single market. Primarily, ADL’s goal is to work with clients in strategic growth sectors, including telecommunications, finance, IT, transportation and the energy sector.
Bela Virag, partner and manager at ADL Austria, said: “Serbia is a market with great potential and is becoming increasingly dynamic in its active search for new ways to grow and expand. As an expert on growth through innovative application of technologies, ADL is in this sense the perfect partner for public and private sector organizations. What sets us apart from others in working with clients is the way we work “side by side”, as an integral part of their team, which relies on our many international experts in this business segment. In this way, we offer them the best possible solution, with the support of our most adequate team, thus successfully realizing the needs and ambitions of our clients.”
“The opening of a special office in Belgrade is proof of ADL’s commitment to the Serbian market, which will enable us to make progress in working in synergy with local companies and institutions. Our goal is to improve the consulting market in Serbia and offer a new perspective to our clients as well as those who want to continue working at the local level within this sector. ”
Milena Matić, Executive Director of ADL, adds: “I am proud of the successes we have achieved in cooperation with our clients in Serbia in the field of telecommunications, IT sector, energy and government sector in the last few years. We look forward to expanding our business activities to other areas in which we have significant experience and expertise, such as transportation, banking and insurance and healthcare. We also plan to further improve the Belgrade office by hiring a local team, relying on a large talent base in Serbia. We offer a great atmosphere and the opportunity to work with a team of exceptional people,” Kurir reports.