Average salary in May was 74,168 dinars, while the median salary was 56,582 dinars

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The average salary in May was 74,168 dinars (without taxes and contributions), while the median salary was 56,582 dinars, which means that 50 percent of employees earned up to that amount. 

The average gross salary (with taxes and contributions) in Serbia in May amounted to 102,432 dinars, the Republic Bureau of Statistics announced.

Compared to the same month of the previous year, the average net salary is nominally higher by 14.1 percent, or by 3.4 percent in real terms.

The nominal wage is the total money that the worker receives as income, while the real wage is measured by the amount of products and services that the worker can buy for that money.

The highest average salary is in the Belgrade region, 93,056 dinars, that is, in Vračar, where in May the average salary was 124,414 dinars, Nova Ekonomija writes.

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