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Belarus opens tractor factory in Novi Sad

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The Government of Vojvodina will support the opening of Belarus plant in Novi Sad in late March, as part of it’s employment promotion programme, and it has already provided a space for that plant, Vojvodina Prime Minister Bojan Pajtic announced.

As he said, the Government of Vojvodina is strongly, financially and logistically supporting the new plant Belarus in Novi Sad, which is expected to hugely benefit all people in that city.

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The Vojvodina Prime Minister said that that project was significant to our investors and that the production of tractors would improve the export structure of our country and contribute to the improvement of the foreign-trade balance and added:

– The new plant Belarus in Novi Sad will employ a large number of people at about ten companies all around the country, which will be included in the project as collaborators, while our farmers will be able to acquire agricultural machines at much lower prices.

Provincial Secretary for Labor and Employment Miroslav Vasin said that the new plant Belarus in Novi Sad would employ 70 people through the programme of support to new jobs, while the total of 150 workers should get jobs prior to mid-2012.


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