Between 600 million and 700 million euros are needed to increase energy efficiency in Serbia

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State Secretary at the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Zoran Lakićević, said today that subsidizing the replacement of carpentry and installing solar panels will contribute to reducing energy consumption and enable every household in Serbia to participate in these projects in the next five years.
“By participating in the projects we started last year, and which we will continue this year and in the coming years, all citizens will have the opportunity to directly influence the reduction of consumption and environmental protection,” Lakićević said.
It is predicted that between 600 and 700 million euros will be invested in the next few years in increasing energy efficiency, which are completely justified and worthwhile investments, which is like building another energy capacity, Lakićević explained.
He reminded that both projects are subsidized by the state, ie the ministry together with local self-governments with half of the necessary funds, while the other half is paid by the citizens.
The first project is coming to an end, during which about 5,000 households will get new carpentry, do external insulation or replace the heating boiler, he stated and pointed out that two more public calls will be announced this year.
Lakićević added that a public call for subsidies for the installation of solar panels has been announced, in which 37 cities and municipalities are participating, and we expect them to announce calls to citizens in the next ten days, Danas reports.