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Bujanovac area convenient for investment due to Corridor 10 proximity-Serbian Deputy PM

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Deputy Prime Minister Verica Kalanovic visited Bujanovac yesterday to discuss encouragements to local companies with representatives from local self-governments from Bujanovac and Medvedja, with the aim of achieving a more even-balanced development.

Kalanovic stressed that bearing in mind the fact that the unemployment issue is more pronounced in these parts than in the rest of Serbia, a possibility to allocate more funds for employment will be discussed with the National Employment Service.

We should not be concerned with each other’s nationalities, but with the creation of new jobs, increasing salaries and securing funds to stimulate investment into SMEs, Kalanovic said.

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She noted that the Bujanovac area is very convenient for attracting investors due to its proximity to Corridor 10.

At a meeting with representatives from the two municipalities, she discussed the problems of local businesspeople, especially the issue of property that has not been legalised.

Kalanovic promised to make a special effort to overcome this issue and secure a more equal status to businesspeople from this region when applying to competitions for development funds.

During the period ahead, we will strive to increase the liquidity of Serbia’s economy, introduce tax breaks for companies, create a register of disqualified legal entities and introduce greater discipline in registering businesses, she stressed.

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