Business cannot wait, Cadez says in Kosovo

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Kosovo President Hashim Thaci supports the dialogue between the chambers of commerce of Serbia and Kosovo, says Marko Cadez.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia said Thaci’s support had the purpose of enabling better use of potentials for economic cooperation in the territory.

Cadez made the comments on Friday after officials of the two institutions met with Thaci in Pristina.

Cadez said he and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce President Safet Gerxhaliu had for two years been trying to establish more concrete cooperation between the two business communities.

“We know what our limitations are and what solutions we can and cannot offer. That is why having constant communication is important. Today we also had a meeting with Thaci, who backed our dialogue and we heard some encouraging words,” Cadez said.

On a daily basis, we are trying to solve problems affecting people who are engaged in commerce and want to carry out joint projects in Kosovo, Cadez said

“We came to Pristina with a Leskovac-based company that wants to pursue joint projects with partners here, and it is on the right track to doing so,” Cadez said.

It is important to note where there are problems and where cooperation is good, and this also applies to customs-related problems and veterinary certificates, Cadez said.

“We are looking for support and we are trying to accelerate the process of solving problems. The economy needs a solution immediately because business cannot wait. The quality of life in both Pristina and Belgrade depends on this,” Cadez said.

Grdzaliju said the cooperation between the two chambers was underway as part of the Belgrade Pristina dialogue.

We were surprised in a positive way by the support we received from Thaci, and that is very significant, he said.

Source; B92