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Businessmen in Serbia have access to data on companies in the region

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The Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Business Registers Agency have signed three documents that will enable businessmen in Serbia and the Western Balkans region easier access to data on status and other changes of legal and natural persons performing activities, data from financial reports and other registers kept by this Agency.
PKS President Marko Cadez said that APR data, as well as other databases used by the chamber, are important for the economy because “thanks to them we can offer businessmen a large set of answers to questions that interest them: where to export, in which industry to invest, who are the best suppliers, who are the business partners, what is the blood picture of the industry in which they operate”.
“It is important to be able to recognize the problem in every industry early, to prepare forecasts important to businessmen through data analysis,” said Cadez.
“We have been cooperating with APR for a long time, and with these agreements we are entering a new phase, with a new group of services that are not provided by any institution or chamber of commerce in most of Europe,” the president of PKS pointed out.
He added that APR managed to digitize its services in a very short time and become one of the most digitalized regional registers that efficiently and quickly provides data.
“This type of service and multi-layered data that can intersect with other databases is very important for the economy,” said Cadez, adding that PKS has unique integrated statistics and services of the NBS, the Republic Bureau of Statistics, the Customs Administration, Bloomberg, Trademap and others.
APR provides support for starting a business and conducting business activities for more than 400,000 registered business entities and about 50,000 legal entities, to which it provides an average of about 1,000,000 administrative services per year, of which a good part is electronic.
APR publishes registered data via the Internet, and provides data to state bodies via a web service, said Milan Lucic, director of the Business Registers Agency, Nova reports.

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