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Central part of new Beska bridge connected

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Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Milutin Mrkonjic said that the Beska bridge, whose central part has been connected yesterday, is expected to be completed by 1 October.

Mrkonjic poured concrete in the last square metre of the central span over the river, which rounded up the most complex phase in the construction of the 2,205 metre bridge.

The new bridge over the Danube near Beska on the road Corridor 10 is the longest bridge currently under construction in Europe, said the Minister adding that the central span of the bridge is 210 metres long.

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He said that the tender for the construction of the bridge was announced in 2004 , and added that the work started in 2008 next to the old bridge, which was designed by engineer Branko Zezelj.

Our builders along with their colleagues from Europe have shown they can perform the most complex infrastructure projects, said Mrkonjic.

He noted that, in addition to Serbian construction companies, builders from around ten European countries were engaged in bridge-building work.

Works on approximately 120 kilometres of the highway on Corridor 10 are underway right now, he said and announced that all the remaining consutruction sites on Corridor 10 will be opened this year so that the works will be completed in 2012, said Mrkonjic, noting that the completion of some more difficult sections may be expected even in 2013.

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