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City of Kragujevac

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The City of Kragujevac is the administrative, political, economic, educational and cultural hub of the District of Sumadija as well as the surrounding neighborhood Districts. The City is situated well, geographically. Kragujevac is in the center of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, 140 km to the south of the Capital City of Belgrade, by the highway E 10. Kragujevac covers an area of 835 square kilometers, and lies within the slopes of the Rudnik, Gledic and Crni Vrh Mountains. The river of Lepenica runs slowly through the city center. A series of rivers and tributaries bisect the city with the landscape enhanced by the stretches of mountain ranges of the Rudnik and Gledic along with the peak of the Crni Vrh. Many rivers link Kragujevac with the District of Pomoravlje, creating heavily trafficked international transportation routes.

Trade plays very important role in the overall economy of the City. The growth of the Trade is very remarkable in the recent years. The private sector initiative is dominant, number of shops have been multiplied. Some of the largest trade companies in the District of Sumadija and Pomoravlje are in Kragujevac. Total sale capacities are 173.612 capacities are 20.285 sq.m. There are 2.200 shops in thee City (super markets, stores, ) of which 1.906 private.

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