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Commencement of work on left lane of Corridor 10 highway from Horgos to Novi Sad

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Serbian Minister of Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjic signed an agreement yesterday on building the left lane section of Highway E-75 Corridor 10 from Horgos to Novi Sad with representatives of a consortium of local construction companies selected in a tender.

Mrkonjic said that the contract was signed with a consortium consisting of road companies Beograd, Putevi Uzice, Planum and Borovica.

He said that this will be a 110 km long section and that this consortium gave the best bid in the tender.

The deadline for the construction is nine months and the cost will amount to approximately RSD 10 billion, with a deadline for payment of 30 months.

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The Minister announced that construction on all remaining sections of Corridor 10 started this year.

He pointed out that €800 million will be invested in the Serbian road network.

Beograd Director General Boro Jelic said that the work of construction on the northern branch of Corridor 10 in Serbia is a great opportunity for local construction companies, and added that it will provide employment for thousands of workers.

He said that the consortium will complete the works in time.

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