Construction of a coffee factory in Serbia worth 2.3 million euros

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The city of Pozarevac ceded the land in the “Northern block of the industrial zone”, without compensation to the company “Bambi Succes”, which will build a factory for the production of coffee.
The factory will employ 22 workers, and the value of the investment is around 2.3 million euros.
The contract was signed by the Deputy Mayor of the City of Pozarevac, Sasa Pavlovic, and the director of “BAMBI SUCCESS” DOO, Aleksandar Miljkovic, according to the website of the City of Pozarevac.
The director of the company, Aleksandar Miljkovic, said that the conditions that Pozarevac offered through its economic development plan were good and that is why they decided for this city.
He added that he expects to start building factories soon. In the first phase, they will build a 1,600 m2 factory with a planned capacity of 200 tons of coffee per month.
Miljkovic expects to move to the second phase next year, by expanding to another plot and increasing production, and the investment should then exceed 3 million euros.
“So, the former brand “Pascalin” coffee with other products based on this black gold will return to Pozarevac”.
The Deputy Mayor of the City of Pozarevac, Sasa Pavlovic, said on this occasion that the signing of this agreement is a sign that the policy that Pozarevac is pursuing in the field of local economic development is yielding results.
First of all, I mean the completion of the construction of the New Industrial Zone, whose first inhabitant will be the company “BAMBI SUCCESS” DOO, as well as the provision of incentives in the form of obtaining free land in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the New Industrial Zone in Pozarevac, where the road infrastructure works have just been completed, and that with the opening of the first factory, Industrial Zone I will practically start functioning,” he said.
Pavlovic expects that by increasing production, more people will find employment and that this will be an additional signal for attracting new investments in Pozarevac.
He reminded that the retail park “Stop shop” has been opened, which has further expanded its capacities since its beginning, as well as the Sino-Belgian company that deals with plastic recycling, and as he announced, the plan is to open a confectionery factory soon.
The head of the City Administration, Aleksandar Simonovic, said that the idea for opening the plant “BAMBI SUCCESS” DOO in Pozarevac started a year ago and that it was realized in a relatively short time.
“The procedure of alienation of land without compensation was complex, from the formation of the plot, through the decision-making at the City Assembly of Pozarevac to the consent of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The company gave a bank guarantee that everything signed will be completed in a short time,” B92 reports.