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Construction of bridge across the Sava continues on February 2

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Works on the bridge across the Sava, which will connect Obrenovac and Surcin, will start again tomorrow in Obrenovac. The six-year building of the Obrenovac bridge was discontinued in 1999 and Mostogradnja has been hired to continue its construction. The bridge structure, part of lanes, and the access road on the side of Surcin have not been finished yet, while works on access roads on the side of Obrenovac have not even started yet.

Steel part of the bridge across the river is 450 meters long, while another 180 meters on the side of Surcin will be built of reinforced-concrete segments, which will make the entire bridge structure 630 meters long.

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The bridge will be 14.5 meters wide. There will be two traffic lanes, pavements on both sides and two belts for infrastructure installations. The bridge structure above the main stream of the river will consist of six steel grid structures, while the Sava river will be navigable for all vessels up to 16.5 meters high.

In addition to the bridge across the Sava, an access road will also be built on the territory of the municipality of Obrenovac, from the Valjevo road to the Sava river, while a branch road from the bridge to the regional road in Boljevci will be built on the territory of the municipality of Surcin.

The bridge across the Sava in Obrenovac is part of a longer road, so-called Srem’s Gazela, which will go from the bridge to Dobanovci cloverleaf interchange on the highway. The significance of this road lies in shorter length of the road and time of travel and higher level of traffic safety.

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It will take less than half an hour for drivers from Obrenovac to reach Belgrade-Zagreb highway via the bridge across the Sava and the territory of the municipality of Surcin, and it will also open a possibility for them to take the bypass around Belgrade. The Srem Gazela, from the bridge in Obrenovac to Dobanovci cloverleaf interchange, is about 20 km long and it is divided into three sections. Works are currently underway on the second section seven kilometers long.


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