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Construction of industrial waste management facility worth USD 22 million started at U.S. Steel Serbia

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Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic visited U.S. Steel Serbia in Smederevo on Tuesday where the foundation stone for the first certified industrial waste management facility in Serbia was laid.

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Dulic said that over $22 million would be invested in the facility, recalling that U.S. Steel Serbia had been constantly investing in environmental projects, it was announced on the government’s website.

The Minister noted that bearing in mind that there were 440 landfills in Serbia, an investment of $22m in environmental protection was a unique example.

Smederevo Mayor Predrag Umicevic stated that that company would with that latest investment continue its work on the improvement of the environment in Smederevo.

Director General of U.S. Steel Serbia Matthew Perkins pointed out that the industrial waste management plant, the first of its kind in Serbia, would be built in accordance with the laws on environmental protection applicable in Serbia and the EU.

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Perkins added that that facility was one of several important investments in the company, aimed at improving environmental protection at the forge.

РSince its arrival in Serbia, the company has invested more than $80 million in environment protection projects Рhe said, stressing that the company’s investments would exceed $100 million with that project.

General Manager for Environment Protection at U.S. Steel Serbia Ljubica Drake pointed out that the new plant would allow the company to meet all the requirements of the Law on environment protection, Law on integrated prevention and control of environment protection, Law on waste management, as well as of the Law on planning and construction.

During the construction of the new plant almost 100 contractors will be hired and 16 new jobs will be opened upon its completion.


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