Construction of the Biosense Institute in Serbia begins in October

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Construction of the new building of the Research and Development Institute for Biosystem Information Technology (BioSense) in Novi Sad should begin in the fall of this year.
Namely, the Office for Public Investment Management in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia has announced an international tender for the construction of a new building of the Biosense Institute, and it states that it will begin in October.
As previously announced, the new building of the Institute will be unique in the country, because thanks to the special anti-vibration characteristics of the facility, it will enable the use of the most modern scientific equipment necessary for the development of micro and nano electronics, sensors and other devices, writes eKapija.
In this way, Serbian farmers will have a powerful tool at their disposal in their work, as well as healthier and higher yields, since the new building will make things easier for scientists.
For this project, Serbia received a loan in the amount of 11 million euros from the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the financing agreement signed three years ago, within phase 2 of the Antares project, envisages the state to invest three million euros. About 4.5 million euros will be spent on the construction of the building, while 9.5 million euros are planned for modern scientific equipment.
The Antares project aims to develop Biosense into a European Center of Excellence for Advanced Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture and thus lead to the digitalization of the domestic agricultural sector. By the way, in the new facility of the Biosense Institute, in addition to the content dedicated to scientists, a special workspace will be intended for small and medium enterprises with the aim of accelerating the connection of the domestic IT sector and agriculture.
According to the documentation, in the Institute, with a gross area of 6,741 m2, there will be laboratories, workstations for employees, workstations for external users, lecture halls, a canteen with auxiliary room.
Also, the building of the Institute will have a special space intended for the Biosense accelerator and the cooperation of the best entrepreneurs and innovators with the scientists of the Institute.
The institute will be located, as it is stated, between the student playground, the Sunny Quay and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (PMF). According to the draft, there will be laboratories and workstations for researchers on the first and second floors.
On these floors, the main staircase that connects to the lobby is separated from the lower floors by glass partitions with access control option, ensuring access control and restriction for guests.
On the third floor, the design also envisages laboratories, a work area for researchers and administration, while on the fourth floor, there will be exclusively administration and administrative offices.
The deadline for sending bids is July 17 by 11 am and the opening of bids will take place on the same day at 1 pm, eKapija reports.