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Contracts for 38 projects for development of local self-governments in Serbia signed

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic said on Friday that within the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities “Exchange 3”, 56 cities and municipalities in Serbia will participate in the implementation of 38 development projects of local governments.

At a ceremony of signing the contract with the Delegation of the EU in Serbia, he said that those projects will be financed by the EU with €6 million while about 800,000 will be allocated from the budget of local governments.

The Deputy Prime Minister explained that the value of those projects is between €100,000 and €300,000 and that they are aimed at improving the situation in those cities and municipalities.

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The projects include the development of tourism in Beocin, to attract investment in Merosina, to improve rural development in Despotovac and to introduce IT systems in Barajevo, he said.

More than 100 projects applied, 38 of which were selected, said Djelic and added that some projects will be done with cities from EU countries.

A good share of Europe’s support for Serbia is going through funds for local government, i.e. in areas where citizens’ lives can be improved, said Deputy Prime Minister.

Head of EU Delegation in Serbia Vincent Degert pointed out that this year is significant for Serbia, bearing in mind that the opinion of the European Commission is expected on the Serbian candidature for EU membership and he said he is optimistic in this regard.

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In Serbia there are good ideas and visions of the future, he said, adding that to improve services at the local level projects are needed as well as efficient work.

Source Serbian Government.

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