Contracts signed to improve energy efficiency in ten thousand households in Serbia

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The State Secretary in the Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia, Zoran Lakicevic, said that agreements were signed today in Kraljevo with 67 local self-governments, in which the realization of energy efficiency improvement projects begins.

“Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic signed agreements which envisage the replacement of doors and windows, external insulation of houses and housing units and the change of heating boilers worth 8.5 million euros. This will improve energy efficiency in 10.000 households in Serbia,” Lakicevic said, and the ministry announced.

He added that from August, citizens will be able to apply for allocated funds, while in July, an invitation will be issued for companies that will perform works.

Speaking about the criteria that citizens must meet when applying for public calls, Lakicevic said that there is a rulebook on ranking.

“The Ministry of Mining and Energy submitted to the local self-governments a rulebook for ranking citizens registered for public calls and companies that will perform the works. The quality of the existing carpentry will be a decisive factor on the basis of when citizens can receive financial incentives for energy efficiency,” said Lakicevic.

According to him, the advantage will be given to those who have poorer carpentry and single windows, and another important criterion will be the number of household members living in the household.

Where there is a larger number of residents in the same residential area, as Lakicevic said, those citizens will have an advantage. Citizens will submit a form with a budget of the company from the list of contractors to local governments, and after submitting the form, the commissions will go to the field and assess their value.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy and local self-government provide 50 percent of the costs, while the other half is financed by the citizens themselves.

Lakicevic said that the same criteria apply to buildings that will have to provide the consent of the housing community, ie half of the tenants, if they want to apply for a public invitation.

He added that a decision of the housing community is not needed if the citizens want to make only windows in their apartments, Danas reports.