Deadline for payment of the first installment of property tax is February 14

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The deadline for paying the first installment of the property tax is February 14, reminds the city secretary for public revenues in Belgrade, Violeta Nićiforović.

The deadline is prescribed by the Law on Property Taxes, so it applies to the whole of Serbia, Niciforovic told Tanjug.

The property tax is collected by local self-governments and is paid in four installments: the first by February 14, the second by May 15, the third by August 14 and the fourth installment by November 14.

Having in mind that the deadline for paying the first advance installment in the name of the annual property tax for 2022 is February 14, that is, the day when the competent body works, the deadline for paying taxes is not moved, the Secretariat for Public Affairs emphasized.

The Law on Property Taxes prescribes the obligation to pay property tax in advance in the amount of the obligation for the last quarter of the previous fiscal year until the decision on determining the tax for the current fiscal year is obtained.

If there is a difference for payment between the determined tax by the decision for the current year and the property tax paid in advance, the difference is obliged to be paid within 15 days from the day of delivery of the decision on determining the tax.

Observing the stated deadlines for the payment of property tax, no interest is calculated for untimely paid or unpaid taxes, so that the moment of submitting the decision on determining the property tax for the current year has no consequences for citizens.

The tax on the property of natural persons can be paid in a smaller number of installments than prescribed by law, including the payment of the determined tax at once, until the due date of the tax liability for each quarter, Novosti reports.