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Deloitte appointed as adviser for formation of new airline

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Deloitte consulting company was elected yesterday for an adviser in the forthcoming JAT Airways transformation through formation of a new airways company to take over the role of the national air transportation company in a strategic partnership with some successful foreign company, Ministry of Infrastructure stated for Tanjug.

According to the contract, worth about RSD 100 million with VAT included, Deloitte will provide professional assistance in implementation of the strategy for formation of a new company for public air transportation.

The tender commission rejected as irregular the offers submitted by the companies PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Bain and Company.

Deloitte from Belgrade will, as the Ministry of Infrastructure stated, do the job together with Deloitte from Madrid, Prague and Budapest, CNC Consulting from Athens and Partner Law Firm Jankovic, Popovic and Mitic from Belgrade.

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State Secretary for Air Transport in the Serbian Ministry of Infrastructure Miodrag Miljkovic previously stated for Tanjug that the chosen consultant would be given the period of 12 months to finish all the works, i.e., “to analyze the current state, determine the capital value JAT Airways currently holds, prepare the documentation and call for tender, chose the strategic partner, start a new company, import the capital provided by the government and the strategic partner.”

He announced that the new Serbian national airline might start flying in late 2011.


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