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Doctor’s Oetker acquires part of Centroproizvod

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The company Dr. Oetker, a European leader in the production of additives for cakes, desserts, puddings, frozen food and many other products, has acquired Centroproizvod’s confectionery and powder products divisions. 

“We are satisfied with the expansion of operations in Serbia. We feel welcome here and believe in the potential offered by the market of Serbia,” said Ralf Blomeier, Dr. Oetker Executive Vice President for Central and East Europe.

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Zoran Mitic, CEO of Dr. Oetker in Serbia, added “The signing of this significant agreement with one of the leading companies in Serbia’s food industry makes it possible for Dr.Oetker to apply its knowledge and experience and to continue to conduct the policy of the highest quality in all markets worldwide, including Serbia. We are confident that this is an extension of our successful operations in Serbia.”



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