During 2022, a large number of the most important traffic projects in Serbia will be completed and started

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One bridge will connect the banks of the Sava, on the future road Sremska Rača – Kuzmin, in the length of 1.3 kilometers. Drivers will be able to reach Požega with “Miloš the Great”. At the same time, the citizens of Belgrade will be able to travel to the South Adriatic from New Belgrade. And that is over eight kilometers long road from New Belgrade to Surčin.
These are just some of the most important traffic projects that will be completed during this 2022.
– In 2022, we will put into traffic the remaining sectors of the bypass around Belgrade in the total length of approximately 21 kilometers, as well as 18 kilometers of fast road from Valjevo to Lajkovac – they say in the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure. – What is very important for all citizens of Central Serbia is the fact that we will complete sector 1 of the “Moravian Corridor”, from Pojat to Krusevac, in the length of 27.4 kilometers. The works on the reconstruction of the state road Novi Pazar – Tutin have progressed very well, where we will complete all the works this year. The length of the reconstructed road is 20.5 kilometers. In total, about 130 kilometers of new highways and expressways will be built.
This is the year in which work on new projects will begin. The construction of the highway Belgrade – Zrenjanin – Novi Sad will begin, but also the fast roads Sombor – Kula – Vrbas – Kikinda.
– An important project for the entire Zlatibor and Raska districts is the beginning of works on the construction of the highway Požega – Duga Poljana – the ministry points out. – In the municipality of Sjenica, on December 26, a commercial contract was signed with the company CRBC for the construction of the section Požega – Duga Poljana, within the highway Belgrade – South Adriatic. With the construction of this 75-kilometer section, with the soon opening of the highway from Preljina to Pakovrac and further to Pozega, Serbia will get a corridor that will bring investments, factories and contribute to the creation of new jobs in Pozega, Arilje, Ivanjica, Novi Pazar, Sjenica. The future corridor in the length of 107 kilometers will stretch along the route from Požega through Arilje, Ivanjica, Duga Poljana all the way to Boljar and the border with Montenegro.
When it comes to the highway and the fast road Ruma – Sabac – Loznica, the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic says that the works on the highway from Sabac to Ruma have started and that they have got their “mature” phase, adding that on that section, the bridge over the Sava is almost 1,300 meters long, so that its contours can already be seen and it is expected that this project will be completed in the middle of 2023.
– As for the works on the fast road from Loznica to Sabac, the length of that corridor is 50 kilometers and the works started on the part from Loznica, but now the weather conditions are not such that the works could take place at full capacity – said Momirovic.
This will be the year in which passengers in Serbia will go by fast train for the first time. As pointed out by the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović, testing of the high-speed railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad has begun:
– Our goal is to release traffic on the fast railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad on March 1 and continue the works from Novi Sad to Subotica. The citizens of Serbia will ride modern “Stadler” trains capable of speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. These are trains used by the ten most developed countries in the world, including Serbia, and our citizens will travel for half an hour between our two largest cities – Novi Sad and Belgrade, at the beginning of next year. Also, in the next year, we are expecting the reconstruction of the Belgrade-Nis railway, as well as the section from Nis to Dimitrovgrad.
By the way, two more “Stadler” fast trains will soon arrive in Serbia, one at the end of January, and the other at the beginning of March.
The account of the Ministry of Construction says that ten fast roads and highways are being built in Serbia today.
– At the moment, we are designing or building 1,200 kilometers of highways and expressways, and in every municipality in Serbia we are in the phase of revitalization and modernization of roads – claim the authorities. – All projects are equally important to us – the completion of the fast road from Valjevo to Lajkovac, which will connect Valjevo with the highway “Milos Veliki”, but also the bypass around Belgrade, which the citizens of our capital have been waiting for decades, Novosti reports.

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