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Easier business with e-fiscalization

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More than 80 representatives of the economy and the public sector participated in the first in a series of trainings dedicated to the e-fiscalization system and the use of electronic invoicing systems organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance.

The training was conducted with the support of the British Embassy through the Small Business Informant project, the PKS announced.

– E-fiscalization will, on the one hand, provide a clear insight into money flows and the suppression of the gray economy, and on the other hand, this process will enable further reduction of bureaucracy in business because it will relieve the economy of some obligations such as using books and transactions. trade of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Žarko Malinović.

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The head of the Competitiveness Unit at NALED, Marko Danon, said that the practical trainings were an opportunity for representatives of the financial or accounting sector in charge of receiving or sending invoices in companies to try out all the functionalities of the new system.

The trainings are aimed at making the e-fiscalization process as easy as possible, but also eliminating ambiguities, and all possible questions related to the e-invoicing process will be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance, Danon said, Kamatica writes.

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