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EBRD supports development of energy sector in Serbia

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The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy stated today that Minister Milutin Mrkonjic spoke with representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) about the realisation of projects in the energy sector financed by this bank and said on the occasion that the Ministry will do everything to ensure that they are completed on time. 

The meeting with EBRD delegation headed by Director for Serbia Hildegard Gacek and Regional Energy Director for Serbia and Montenegro Jan Brown dealt with the projects that are ongoing and those that are being agreed on.

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Mrkonjic said that further investments of the EBRD for the building of power facilities are very significant and pointed out that the strong support given to the energy sector, as well as that which the EBRD currently negotiates, show how important this sector is for this bank as part of its strategy for Serbia.

The participants in the meeting also discussed two loans that are currently being negotiated with the Electric Power Industry of Serbia and have to do with systems for management of coal quality in the Kolubara basin and rehabilitation and development and construction of small hydroelectrical power plants.

EBRD representatives pointed to the importance of the energy sector in Serbia and voiced their support to its further development, noting that so far EBRD provided loans worth €200 million for Serbia’s energy sector.


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