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Effective implementation of the green energy transition

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Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlović said that for Serbia to be energy secure, investments in new energy capacities, effective implementation of green energy transition and strengthening of regional connectivity are key, her cabinet announced today.

At the marking of the beginning of the “Investments in Energy” project and the presentation of the “Better Energy in Serbia” campaign, which is jointly implemented by the Ministry and USAID, she pointed out that since 2001, more than 882 million dollars have been invested in energy through USAID, out of a total of 1, 2 billion dollars of US aid to Serbia.

“The field of energy and energy security are the most important topics at the global level today, since we are in a major energy crisis, and I am glad that we will work together on the implementation of projects”, said Mihajlović.

According to her, the projects will promote saving, i.e. reducing energy consumption, and will provide space for investments in energy infrastructure in Serbia and the region.

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Ten heating plants, along with bills for the thermal energy used, will also have printed recommendations for households with data on ways to save, said Mihajlović and added that the Ministry will work with USAID on regulations, promotion of prosumers, i.e. buyer-producers, and therefore promotion of renewable energy. energy sources and that this will be the basis for the decisions they will make.

The five-year project “Investments in energy” is worth 20 million dollars and aims to help countries in the region to identify and further develop energy projects.

The Ambassador of the United States of America to Serbia, Christopher Hill, said that energy security is not an issue for each country individually, but that this problem requires regional cooperation.

“We expect that this activity will result in millions of investments in energy projects in the region and that Serbia will play a key role in this program that will help it and the countries of the Western Balkans to ensure energy security in the future”, Hill said, Danas reports.
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