Energy scouts are entering Serbian companies

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The European Union requires green production processes and environmental products, and without that there is no competition on the market.

The Serbian economy will follow that path, and it will be facilitated by energy scouts who will enter our companies and factories. Their training is funded by the German government.

The task of energy scouts is to encourage their companies to work more efficiently, identifying places where the greatest energy savings can be made and carbon dioxide emissions reduced, RTS reports.

They are trained to find solutions not only for production processes, but also for heating and cooling the working space in order to replace dirty energy sources with clean ones, but also to raise the environmental awareness of employees.

“Tailored to companies, the program strengthens nature protection and reduces business costs, showing that the economy and the environment can go hand in hand. Funded by the German Ministry of the Environment, energy scouts join broad cooperation between Germany and Serbia as candidates for EU membership ,” says Ana Kristin Piplica from the Department of Economy of the German Embassy in Belgrade.

Serbia has supported the “Green Agreement and the agenda of the Union”, so experts are expected to speed up those affairs, because our economy consumes at least five times more energy than the European average.

“Serbia is well on its way to developing a new economic model, based on green growth through more intensive implementation of digitalization, circular economy, development of innovative approaches to decarbonisation and greater use of renewable sources,” said Frank Aleter, director of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

“The opportunity they will get here, and that is the exchange of knowledge and experiences, which will become energy scouts. This is something that Serbia desperately needs, and we are almost certain that we will be able to adequately apply their knowledge and experience,” said Sandra Dokic, Assistant Minister of Environment of Serbia.

At the end of the week, the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce published the first advertisement for the “Young Energy Europe” project, to which our companies can apply for training candidates. The program for energy scouts will last until 2024, and the first training will begin in October, B92 reports.