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EPS calls on partners to invest in Serbia

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Serbian Power Company (EPS) Director Dragomir Marković has called on EPS partners to invest in Serbia through Greenfield investments and privatization of firms.

The EPS director proposed a “joint action” to the partner companies through an intensive investment cycle.

“The investments can either be Greenfield investments or investments through privatization of the Serbian firms that used to produce what EPS needs. Such investments and incentives to the domestic economy could enable special benefits in EPS tenders for the purchase of what we will need in the next investment cycle to companies that decide to do that,” Marković explained.

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“Such approach to solving of common problems and meeting of joint interests is mutually useful and quite certainly reflects continuity of a successful cooperation between EPS and large foreign companies,” he said.

The EPS director sent the letter to Alstom, Siemens, Babcock-Hitachi, Doosan Babcock, Bilfinger Berger Power Service, Rafako, SES, Silovije mašini, Toshiba, ABB, Sulzer, Takraf, Krupp, Areva, Voith, KSB and Litostroj.


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