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Eurobank provides funds from the guarantee scheme to micro, small and medium enterprises in Serbia

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Eurobank approves loans for up to 36 months, including the grace period, with favorable interest rates.
Thanks to the loans from the guarantee scheme, the Serbian economy could recover by the end of the year and return to the same level from before the introduction of the state of emergency, according to the latest estimates of the Ministry of Economy.
Two billion euros were provided to finance the liquidity and working capital of Serbian small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and agricultural farms, and in a very short time, the banks that are participants in the loan approval program from the guarantee scheme received requests whose total value corresponds to half allocated funds – about a billion euros.
In order to support the liquidity of economic entities and help overcome the difficulties caused by the crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic, Eurobank, as a responsible company, has made numerous efforts to support citizens and the economy in Serbia, especially the sector for small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.
In addition to the standard offer of products and services, loans from this line are approved by Eurobank to micro, small and medium enterprises, classified in accordance with the accounting standards of the Republic of Serbia and entrepreneurs, for up to 36 months, including a grace period of 9 to 12 months. These loans offer the possibility of a loan of up to 3 million euros, they can be used in dinars or euros, with favorable interest rates.
So far, businessmen have shown great interest in loans from this line, and all interested businesses entering the program can get additional information through the contact center 0800 1111 44 / option 5, but also by visiting their business advisor in over 80 branches of Eurobank throughout Serbia, Novosti reports.

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